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Albert Charles BARRET
Gunner, 7th Coastal Regiment, Royal Artillery
Captured at the fall of Singapore. Held prisoner. Killed. Friday, 5th March 1943.
Aged 32. Son of Albert & Annie. Husband of May. Father of Joyce.

Howard Thurstan BROWN-GREAVES
Able Seaman.RN. HMS Penelope.
Died when his ship was torpedoed near Naples Fri. 18th Feb. 1944.
Aged 22. Son of Revd. Henry and Margaret Brown-Greaves

Ronald Frank William BUCKMAN
Flight Sergeant 434 Sqdn. RAF
Died on bombing mission to Arras on Tues. 13th June 1944.
Aged 21. Son of Ethel. Husband of Amelia 'Millie' Buckman

Edward Henry CAVE-BROWN
Flying Officer, 23 Sqdn. RAF.
Died when his Mosquito bomber was shot down over Sicily. Tues, 16th Feb, 1943 ,
Aged 20. Son of William and Murial

Margaret Eulalia CHAPPE-HALL
3rd Officer, WRNS.
Died when her ship was sunk on passage to Gibralter Tues. 19th Aug.1941.
Aged 26. Daughter of John and Dulciebella.

Rhoda Mary CHARMAN
Killed when 16 Orchard Rd. Horsham was bombed on Fri. 29th Nov. 1940.
Died with her husband Earnest.
Aged 23. Daughter of William & Mary Napper. Sister of Joseph, Walter, William, George & Thomas. Mother of Betty.

Richard Stanley CLARKE
Ordinary Seaman, Merchant Navy.SS Empire Steveson.
Died when his ship was torpedoed. Arctic Convoy PQ18. Sun. 13th Sept. 1942.
Aged 18. 'Dick'. Son of John and Marnie. Brother of Gwen, Ken and Roger.

Charles Albert CLEVETT
Private,1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment. Killed in action at Enfidaville, Tunisia.
Wednesday, 21st April 1943.
Aged 25. Son of Leonard & Annie. Brother of Joan Mary.

Private. Auxiliary Training Service.
Died at Tidworth. Tues. 6th January 1942
Daughter of Leonard & Annie. Sister of Charles Albert

Timothy James Hare DUKE
Ordinary Seaman. RN. H.M.S. Matabele.
Died when his ship was torpedoed on Arctic Convoy Duty,PQ8. Sat. 17th January 1942.
Aged 19. Son of Reginald & Mary. Brother of Robin.

Peter John FISHER
Flight Lieutenant. 70 Squadron, R.A.F
Killed in action at El Alamein, Egypt. Thursday 5th March 1942.
Aged 25. Son of Albert and Margaret.

James William HAYMAN
Chief Petty Officer. R.N. H.M.S. Marigold.
Died when his ship was torpedoed off Algiers whilst escorting Convoy MKS 3Y. Wed. 9th Dec. 1942.
Aged 46 . Son of James & Harriet. Husband of Alice. Father of Maurice.

Benjamin Herbert HICKMAN
Trooper, 2nd Armoured Div. Royal Armoured Corps.
Killed in action at Phaleron, Greece. Sun. 20th April. 1942. Aged 22.Son of Benjamin & Eliza. Brother of Mary

Arthur HURST
Private. 2nd/5th Battalion. Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.
Killed when ambushed during withdrawal to Dunkirk. Mon. 20th May 1940.
Aged 21. Son of George and Jessie. Brother Frederick, Joan, Len, Doris ,Jack and Allan.

Frederick George HURST
Private, 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regt.
Died on active service in Rangoon, Burma. Thurs. 15th March 1945.
Aged 28. Son of George & Jessie. Brother of Arthur. Jean, Len, Doris, Jack & Alan.

Hugh John McLIESH
Captain, 2nd Battalion. Kings Own Royal Lancashire Regt.
Killed in action in Libya . Mon. 18th Nov. 1940.
Aged 22. " Jock" . Son of Hugh & Dorothy. Brother of Mary.

Harold Joseph NAPPER
Corp. 6th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regt.
Died in Singapore. Tues. 20thJan, 1942.
Aged 29. Son of William & Mary. Brother of Louise, Gertrude, William, George, Percy, Wally, Tom, Rhoda Mary & Alice.

Percy Alfred NAPPER
Trooper, 4th Royal Tank Regt., Royal Armoured Corps.
Killed in action at Tobruk in Libya. Sat. 22nd Nov. 1941.
Aged 30. Son of William & Mary.

George Arthur William NICKOLAY
Gunner, 3rd Battery 6th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt. Royal Artillery.
Died while working on the Burma- Siam Railway. Monday, 16th April 1945.
Aged 33. Son of Frederick & Emily. Husband of Mary.

Henry George PAYNE
Flying Officer , Air Gunner. 180 Squadron RAF.
Killed in a flying accident at Dunsfold. Wed. 30th Aug. 1944.
Aged 27 ."Harry". Son of Henry. Husband of Nancy. Father of Gillian.

Peter William PORT
Able seaman RN HMS Duchess.
Sunk following a collision in fog with HMS Barham Tues. 12th Dec. 1939.
Aged 19. Son of Thomas & Lydia. Brother of Thomas , Ben & Wendy.

Holford Cave SECRETAN
2nd Lieut. 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment.
Died of wounds received at Brook Staat, Belgium. Thurs. 23rd May 1940.
Aged 25. Son of Spencer and Mary. Brother of Muriel, Ann, Molly, Henrietta, Rachel and Joyce.

Raymond George SHRUBB
Corporal, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt.
Died of a brain tumour whilst at home on leave from France. Tues. 12th March 1940.
Aged 20. Son of Walter & Mabel. Brother of Phylis.

Leslie Ronald THOMPSON
Private, 1st/5th Battalion, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.
Captured in France. Died in captivity at Lamsdorf, Krakow, Poland. Wed. 6th November 1940.
Aged 21. Son of Frederick and Elizabeth.

Colin Hilliard Shiel WILSON
Midshipman . RN. HMS Dunedin.
Died when his ship was torpedoed in mid- Atlantic. Mon. 24th Nov. 1941.
Aged 19.